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How small retailers across India stand to make large gains on ONDC platform

In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has led to a significant shift in the way people shop for groceries and other household essentials. While online shopping has made life easier for many, it has also had a negative impact on local kirana stores, which have struggled to compete with the convenience and variety offered by online retailers.

Enter GetDirect, a platform that is empowering local kirana stores to reach a wider audience and offer more products through its innovative technology. GetDirect is a hyperlocal e-commerce platform that connects customers with nearby kirana stores, allowing them to shop for groceries and other essentials from the comfort of their own homes.
One of the key benefits of GetDirect is that it allows local kirana stores to expand their product offerings beyond what they would typically be able to stock in their physical stores. By partnering with GetDirect, kirana stores can offer a wider range of products, including fresh produce, dairy, and meat, as well as household essentials like cleaning supplies and personal care items.
In addition to expanding their product offerings, local kirana stores that partner with GetDirect also benefit from increased visibility and exposure to a wider audience. By listing their products on the platform, kirana stores can reach customers who may not have been aware of their existence before, and can compete more effectively with larger retailers.
Another key advantage of GetDirect is that it offers a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers. Customers can browse products from multiple kirana stores in their area, compare prices and reviews, and place orders for delivery or pickup. The platform also offers features like real-time inventory tracking and order tracking, which help to ensure that customers receive their orders on time and in good condition.
Overall, GetDirect is a game-changer for local kirana stores, providing them with the tools and technology they need to compete in the digital age. By partnering with GetDirect, kirana stores can expand their product offerings, reach a wider audience, and offer a more convenient shopping experience for their customers. As e-commerce continues to grow, platforms like GetDirect will play an increasingly important role in helping local businesses thrive in the digital economy.

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